International Office

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The International Office, established in 1999, is in charge of all international related affairs for BIT.


Major functions include:
1. Develop, implement and review the international objectives within BIT's Strategic Plan;
2. Promote BIT research and teaching capabilities to global partners;
3. Set standards for the development, renewal and termination of international agreements;
4. Liaise with government offices on internationally related issues and missions;
5. Promote and encourage the exchange and dissemination of information on international activities and issues across BIT;
6. Invite and host visiting international delegations;
7. Supervise and provide funding for overseas scholarship programs, joint education programs and exchange student programs;
8. Supervise and provide funding for the international joint research center/laboratory and international academic conferences;
9. Facilitate international business travel.

Director, Professor Tang Shuiyuan;
For Official Visits Liaison (Coordinating the visits of university level international delegations to BIT)? fax:+86-10-68911152
Ms. GAO Shan +86-10-68918387 (North America)
Ms. XING Qingqing +86-10-68912842 (UK, Ireland, India, Pakistan, Middle and South Asia, Africa,)
?Ms. LIU Yanhong +86-10-68914207 (Oceania)
Ms. MAO Yufeng +86-10-68914208 (Germany, France, Belgium, Japan, Korea, Middle and East Europe)
Ms. PENG Shu +86-10-68911152 (South Europe, South America)
Ms. MENG Yuhuan +86-10-68911152 (North Europe)
Overseas Scholars (Facilitating overseas scholars for application of overseas scholarship and assisting with visa issues)
Ms. LIU Yanhong +86-10-68914207??
Ms. PENG Shu +86-10-68911152