Student Exchange

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To further support student and staff exchange and research cooperation, BIT has initiated the Sino-Spanish University Consortium and the Sino-Russian-Belarusian University Consortium among leading universities home and aboroad. The partners for student exchange include the following:
  • Europe
1. University of Aberdeen
2. University of Manchester
3. University of Leeds
4. University College Dublin
5. Royal Institute of Technology
6. RWTH Aachen
7. TU Munchen
8. TU Berlin
9. TU Dresden
10.Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
11.Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
12.Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
13.Universidad Politecnica de Valenica
14.Moscow State Technical University
15.Samara State Aerospace University
16.Belarusian National Technical University
17.Ecole Polytechnique Universitaire de Tour
  • North America
1. University of Virginia
2. Georgia Institute of Technology
3. University of California, Berkeley
4. University of California, San Diego
5. Purdue University
6. Illinois Institute of Technology
7. Stevens Institute of Technology
8. Missouri University of Science and Technology
9. Mississippi State University
10.University of British Columbia
11.University of Waterloo
12.University of Saskatchewan
13.Universite Laval
  • Australia
1. Australian National University
2. University of Western Australia
3. University of Newcastle
4. University of Technology, Sydney
  • Asia
1. Hong Kong Polytechnic University
2. Nanyang Technological University
3. Waseda University
4. Kobe Design University
5. Nagoya Institute of Technology
6. Tokyo Institute of Technology
7. Chiba Institute of Technology
8. Konkuk University
9. Amity University
10.Ewha Womans University